AvanceEngage Pharmacy Services

Employer Pharmacy Program

AvanceEngage pharmacists provide prescription medication plans through simple, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions. Studies show that 20-30% of patient prescriptions are never filled and up to 50% of patients prescribed a medication are non-adherent, driving up the costs of healthcare spending¹. We believe that integrating pharmacists into primary care can prevent avoidable healthcare costs by increasing patient adherence, optimizing prescription regimens, and preventing medication-related complications. Our pharmacy services, which include medication management, disease state management and prescription delivery, is focused on reducing overall costs for the patients (including those who have high deductibles or no prescription insurance coverage) and their employers.

Why Us

Providing healthcare benefits to employees is becoming more complex than ever. Employers are having to decide on plan design, formulary, deductibles and other strategies which cause the process to become confusing. Along with the cost of prescriptions increasing above 22% of the total healthcare expense per patient, the cost for employers to provide health care benefits has increased significantly. In 2009, the average cost per fill of prescription medicine was around $48; today, prescriptions cost an average of $120 per fill².

Additionally, the rise of prescription costs also has resulted in more patients choosing to ration or abstain from taking their medications altogether, resulting in adverse drug events. A report from 2015 shows that the cost of these adverse drug events to the US economy was over $170 billion in injuries and death³. 28% of these adverse drug events can be prevented by having a pharmacist on your team. AvanceEngage Pharmacy Services benefits employers by offering transparent, simple, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions.

How Can We Help You Save Money & Manage Your Prescriptions?

Our Avance Care clinical pharmacists team up with your primary care provider to make sure that you are getting the most from your treatment plan. Our approach has always been holistic to engage our patients in their healthcare decision making process. We formulate a care plan that includes: medication therapy and disease state management, delivery services to increase access, and cost reduction measures to reduce barriers.

Medication Therapy and Disease State Management:
A lack of proper medication management can contribute to high percentages of non-adherence and high healthcare costs. Through our Medication Therapy Management program, participants can reduce out-of-pocket medication costs, organize daily medications, doses, and instructions, receive a full review of their medication plans, and get free educational tools for each disease/treatment they have.

How Do I Benefit from MTM?:

  • Receive a thorough and complete review of all of your medications
  • Reduce your out-of-pocket medication costs
  • Discover possible side effects of your medications
  • Analysis of your lab results in accordance to your medications
  • Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of your over the counter medications
  • Organization of your daily medications, doses, and instructions
  • Assistance with proper use of medical devices (i.e. glucometers and blood pressure monitors)
  • Provided with free educational materials and tools for each disease/medication

Prescription Delivery:
Why spend time waiting in line at pharmacies when you can have your medications delivered to you? Our delivery services make it convenient to receive prescriptions at home or at the workplace. Instead of worrying about hours of operation, we work around our patients’ schedules.

Compliance Packaging:
Patients enrolled in our compliance packaging program receive customized care by our AvanceEngage pharmacists. Every month, a clinical pharmacist will review the patient medication list, assess appropriateness of each medication using recent lab values and patient care notes, and organize a treatment plan based on patient preference and the optimal time of day to take each prescribed medication. This program aims to reduce barriers and help simplify daily medications and eliminate missed doses. Our compliance packaging program will increase patient medication adherence while providing individualized patient care.

    Cost Savings Through Simplification

    Direct Prescription Services:
    While Medication Therapy Management has proven to be a very effective tool in helping patients manage their complex health conditions, affordability of prescriptions is also a challenge for many patients. For that reason, we have introduced to the marketplace our own Avance Care Pharmacy Subscription Program. Program highlights include over 300 generic medications at no additional cost, and all other medications at Medicaid cost plus rates. This program can help save on prescription costs for all members, including those who have high deductibles or no prescription insurance coverage.