Common Questions

Why choose Avance Care as an on-site healthcare provider?

The Avance HealthPod offers significantly more value than traditional on-site clinics. Our integrated near-site and customized telehealth services support our on-site services. On-site care can be seamlessly escalated to one of the local healthcare centers, diagnostic centers, specialists, or even hospital systems.

Healthcare is local. Knowing the landscape, being able to refer your employees to the most cost-effective local specialists, and co-managing patients with those specialists have tremendous value. Unlike national vendors operating on-site programs, Avance Care has well-established relationships with other local healthcare organizations and the ability to seamlessly coordinate care.

Avance Care takes care of your employees not only during business hours, but after hours and on weekends as well. Our integrated, growing network of Triangle locations is open 7 days a week: Monday–Friday, 7:30 AM–7:00 PM; Saturday–Sunday, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM.

How does a Avance HealthPod offer better care at a lower cost than a traditional on-site clinic?

Relatively inexpensive to install and operate, Avance HealthPods are staffed by a medical assistant trained to take vitals, complete basic lab tests, administer vaccines, and perform electrocardiograms. A remote medical provider can diagnose most common health conditions using telemedicine, the technician’s assistance, and a variety of state-of-the-art, remotely controlled diagnostic instruments. These video scope capable diagnostic devices fully automate the collection and real-time transmission of data and images.

What equipment is contained inside the Avance HealthPod?

Designed to take full advantage of the latest advancements in technology, the Avance HealthPod’s interior optimizes both exam room work flow and comfort for patient and provider. Typical components are a telemedicine conference screen, exam table or reclining chair, lab specimen collection/storage station, UVC light fixtures for sanitization, and commonly used medical instruments such as an ECG, blood pressure cuff, scale, thermometer, otoscope, and pulse oximeter. Our goal is the delivery of safe, efficient patient care that enhances the caregiver/patient relationship.

Will my employees or tenants feel comfortable using an Avance HealthPod?

Extensive research indicates that Americans, particularly Millennials, are increasingly seeking the use of advanced technology like mobile apps and telemedicine to improve their healthcare experience. An explanatory video and brochures about the Avance HealthPod are easily accessible to patients on the exterior of the clinic. The design of the HealthPod has been carefully crafted to be welcoming and inviting. You will quickly recognize that the Avance HealthPod offers the benefits of convenience and accessibility while providing a top-quality, holistic healthcare experience.

What is involved in the installation of a HealthPod?

Installation of the eco-friendly, pre-manufactured HealthPod with a footprint of approximately 100 sq. ft. (the size of a typical exam room) occurs quickly on-site with minimal disturbance. If you prefer, a room of approximately this size can be equipped to be your on-site Avance HealthPod. Within a few days, skilled technicians complete the assembly process. Dust, noise, and damage to the existing site landscape are dramatically reduced, due to the streamlined production process.

What will the experience be like?

For those visiting the Avance HealthPod, the employee will be virtually greeted by a warm and welcoming trained medical assistant who will guide them through the entire visit. Materials, such as brochures will be available for employees who would like more information before entering. These materials will also be provided to employer partners to distribute to employees as part of the Avance HealthPod rollout, and on-site demos can be done by trained Avance Care team members as needed to ensure employee comfort.

What types of conditions can the Avance HealthPod address?

The Avance HealthPod offers a wider scope of services than traditional telehealth visits. Patients can seek care for 80+ acute conditions as well as primary care and chronic condition management services. Patients can have point-of-care testing (strep, mono and flu test, urinanalysis, etc.) and receive vaccines on site. Samples can also be collected for more comprehensive diagnostic labs. Each HealthPod will be equipped with an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and emergency medications. While a complete list of conditions treated can be provided at request, common conditions include:

Respiratory infection, sore throat, pain in back, neck, or limbs, cough, urinary tract infection, headache, allergies, fever, cold and flu symptoms, rash and other minor skin conditions, insomnia, emergency contraception, vaccination, depression, high blood pressure, chronic condition follow-ups, routine exams, physicals, ear pain, and travel health visits.

Please ask for a complete list of conditions treated. Data collected across the Avance Care practice network of offices indicate that more than 50% of visits to our brick-and-mortar locations could be treated safely and cost-effectively in the Avance HealthPod.

What happens if the HealthPod is unable to address a health condition?

Now with multiple primary care offices throughout the Triangle, Avance Care is a comprehensive, clinically integrated primary care/urgent care network of practices with a patient base of 60K.