Employee Healthcare Reimagined

Direct Benefits of On-site Healthcare

Imagine hearing “the doctor can see you now” while sitting at your desk.

That time is now.

Illness tends to arise at the most inconvenient times. Instead of employees taking a half day of PTO to see a doctor they can simply walk down the stairs. No waiting room, no trekking across town, no barriers. 

On-site primary care via Avance Care’s HealthPod helps reduce employee absences and costly visits to urgent care or the emergency department. Employees realize productivity gains, while boosting chronic disease management compliance and overall health- making on-site care an outstanding benefit and excellent tool for employee recruitment and retention.

By the Numbers

In today’s economic climate, the cost of healthcare for employers and employees continues to rise, while employee productivity and satisfaction become more and more important to a company’s success and bottom line. Many companies are taking advantage of the benefits that can be achieved through an employer-provided on-site healthcare program, such as:

  • Decreased overall healthcare costs with an ROI of 1.5 or higher *1
  • Up to 70% reduction in time lost by employees leaving work to see outside medical providers *2
  • Reduction in utilization of the emergency room by up to 63% *2
  • Retain and recruit top talent- 80% of employees would choose additional benefits, over a pay raise*3
  • Preliminary calculations indicate a business with approximately 2,000 employees would save at least $441,000 per year in healthcare costs*4  and realize another $711,000 by avoiding employee productivity losses*5  with an on-site clinic.

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Core Service Offerings

Avance HealthPod

An on-site primary care module staffed by a trained medical assistant and remote medical provider that can assess over 80 conditions and provide labs and screenings — all within 100 square feet.

Avance TeleCare

Virtual doctor’s visits appropriate to evaluate medical conditions including mild and most moderate illnesses, chronic conditions, and concerns about infection with COVID-19. 

Avance HealthCenter

Customized on-site healthcare for employees by a local Avance Care physician or nurse practitioner. Our local providers can connect employees with a network of near-site care if needed.

Back to Work Program

COVID-19 or coronavirus antibody job testing on-site at your organization before employees start back in the office. 

Supplemental Service Offerings


Access to dietitian-led programs — Weight Management, Emotional Eating, Thriving with Diabetes, Raising Healthy Eaters, and more — that are customized to employees’ needs and lifestyles.

Behavioral Wellness

Individualized care from behavioral therapists to help employees manage diagnosable conditions and cope with stress both at work and at home.

Complex Care Management

Specialized care for patients with 2 or more chronic conditions that helps reduce unnecessary and expensive medical care, maximize their healthcare coverage, and save money.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacists work directly with employees’ primary care provider to formulate care plans through medication therapy management, deliver medications to increase access, offer compliance packaging, and cost reduction. Option for secure pharmacy lockers.

Chronic Condition Management

Our care management team works a minimum of 20-minutes of non-face-to-face time per month with patients in coordinating care, medication management, and much more.

With Avance Care’s robust network of care you can customize a package that works for your business.


*1 According to Mercer Worksite Medical Clinics 2018 Survey Report
*2 According to survey of 255 employers by the nonprofit National Association of Worksite Health Centers
*3 According to Glassdoor’s 2015 Employment Confidence Survey.
*4 Based on average costs for primary care treatable visit to physician’s office ($167), primary care treatable visit to urgent care ($193) and primary care treatable visit to emergency department ($2032) reported by UnitedHealth Group, 2019.
*5 Based on missed work hours to seek primary care (3 hours), urgent care (4 hours) and emergency care (8 hours).