AvanceEngage Behavioral Wellness Services

Employer Behavioral Wellness Program


AvanceEngage behavioral therapists provide individualized services to help your employees manage diagnosable conditions, as well as cope with individual and interpersonal stresses, both at work and at home. This treatment leads to improved individual health outcomes and employee satisfaction. Employees who are healthier will have higher job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, fewer personnel conflicts and HR complaints, and reduced turnover.

Research in the United States has demonstrated that individuals with behavioral health disorders incur total medical expenses that are approximately $7,500+ per year higher than patients without behavioral conditions. Professional organizations are increasingly recognizing that it is necessary to treat the behavioral conditions first, in order to remove barriers that lead patients not to follow through with their physician’s recommendations on managing obesity, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Studies also show that employees with behavioral diagnoses don’t cost more simply because they are receiving behavioral treatment. Employers could actually save 9%-17% annually by integrating physical and behavioral healthcare into their companies.

Behavioral Wellness Services 

  • EAP Services for situational stresses (e.g., divorce, grief, relocation, etc.)
  • Traditional individual, couple’s and family counseling
  • Treatment for all major behavioral health diagnoses: depression, ADHD, anxiety, trauma, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, etc.
  • Chronic condition management services to increase treatment adherence of the most complex and high cost patients
  • Emotional Eating Program
  • Diabetic Distress Intervention
  • Substance Abuse specialists

Benefits to Employees

  • On-site and telehealth access for employees with scheduling and transportation challenges
  • Near-site: We are also embedded in the medical office to easily be seen in person, including on evenings and weekends
  • In-person psychoeducational seminars for leadership
  • Lunch-and-Learns for staff
  • On-line webinars and video training materials

Collectively, these conveniences minimize disruption to work attendance, as well as decrease expensive visits to urgent care, emergency room, and inpatient services.


Avance Care’s Employer Health programs are offered via telehealth or on-site, and can be customized to your company’s needs.