Back to Work Program 

Peace of mind for a safe return to work!

 Our Back to Work program offers COVID-19 job testing on-site at your organization before employees start back in the office. 

Program Benefits

Avance Care medical providers on-site from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. dependent on your needs.

  • Employees can schedule their time slot for either a standard diagnostic test or standard antibody test through Avance Care.
  • We can tailor the time of testing to take care of any healthcare concerns to fulfill your needs.
  • The cost is dependent on the number of employees and the number of days needed.
    • Cost is generally $75 per test and $50-75 per patient for clinical related services.
  • Please note, employees who cannot be on-site during this scheduled time can visit any of our locations to conduct these tests.
    • Options include self-swab drive thru, administered drive through or in-clinic testing.
    • Phlebotomists are on-site.
    • Employees can use insurance at locations. Most insurances and self-pay are accepted.
      • Self-pay telehealth visits are $100. Swab diagnostic testing is $100. We offer a self-pay discount card for $50 which would apply to discounts for services throughout the year.
    • All locations are open 7 days a week.
    • Appointments can be scheduled through our website at

Standard diagnostic testing

Diagnosis with antigen will be seen if actively infected.

Standard antibody testing

This is not a diagnostic test. It shows if an individual has been exposed to COVID-19 and have antibodies (Please note: This gives some assurance of safety though does not guarantee immunity.)

  • Both are performed through LabCorp (Nose swab for diagnostic testing, blood drawn for antibody testing), and the cost can be included in the package.
  • Result turnaround time will be within 1-3 days, and results will be communicated to the individual.

Consulting services included with both types of testing at no additional cost:

  • Protocols of exposure response and temperature check
  • Review of their cleaning and disinfecting protocols
  • A 1.5-hour virtual meeting with HR and the leadership team for questions and answers