Avance HealthPod

On-Site Healthcare Simplified

On-site care with no upfront implementation costs

On-site primary care via Avance Care’s HealthPod can help your company reduce employee absences and costly visits to urgent care or the emergency department. Employees realize productivity gains, while boosting chronic disease management compliance and overall health – making on-site care an outstanding benefit and excellent tool for employee recruitment and retention. The HealthPod program is also an optimal and most cost-effective way to enable back-to-work COVID-19 testing.

Avance HealthPod is a self-contained primary care module that is staffed by a trained medical assistant and a virtual medical provider. Using HIPAA-compliant, two-way video conferencing technology, a medical provider diagnoses a wide range of basic medical conditions with rapid lab tests and remotely controlled digital instruments, such as: stethoscope, otoscope, dermatology camera, spirometry, EKG, and more.

Most primary, urgent, chronic and preventive care concerns can be treated on-site, all in about 100 square feet – roughly the size of an average exam room. For more serious conditions, the HealthPod works in conjunction with the Avance Care healthcare delivery system, including near-site clinics, which provides your employees with unprecedented accessibility, convenience and quality of care.

Package Pricing*

*Minimum of 300 employees. Other options available: Avance TeleCare and Avance HealthCenter

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