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On-Site Healthcare from Local Providers


Take control of the health and safety of your employees with Avance HealthCenter. Our on-site healthcare model includes one physician or nurse practitioner and offers comprehensive and personalized full-scope primary care, acute care, preventive care, urgent care, and disease management. A healthy workforce is key to preventing sick days, lowering costs, and producing higher productivity. We get to know your initiatives and customize a solution that works for your business. Our providers focus on quality care, working directly with your employees to improve their health and reach their goals and are integrated with other wellness and preventive care programs. 

Customized On-site Care

In a time where most patients spend more time in the waiting room and less time with their provider, Avance HealthCenter breaks the status quo with superior access and experience. 

Our Offering

One Avance Care physician or nurse practitioner on-site can provide the following services:

  • Preventive and wellness exams
  • Acute care for cold, flu, headaches, cough, etc. 
  • Diagnosis and management of chronic health conditions, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and depression
  • Flu shots and other vaccinations
  • Lab tests
  • Drug testing
  • Prescribe and manage medications
  • Personal healthcare coordination
  • Smoking cessation and weight loss programs
  • Access to medical specialists and refer as needed
  • Option to add on-site behavioral wellness and nutrition programs

How We Are Different

Because we are local, Avance HealthCenter can seamlessly escalate care, if needed, to local full scoped primary/urgent care centers, diagnostic centers, specialists, or even hospital systems — our offices are open extended hours, 7 days a week, and have same-day appointment options. Need a referral to a specialist? Our in-house team handles coordination of care and ensures reduced downstream costs.

Avance Care has a proven track record of providing unmatched convenience, access, and quality of care as a certified patient-centered medical home. Give your employees the access to the top-notch care they need to stay healthy, productive, and satisfied.

Our on-site healthcare model produces immediate and long-term savings in several ways:

  • On-site clinic 1-5 days per week, determined by client
  • Full integration with other employer wellness and preventive care programs
  • Direct reduction in claims generated through reduced primary care and office visits
  • Low cost supplies and operating expenditures with no mark-up
  • We offer cash pay and low-cost services
  • Convenient and time saver
  • Decrease in self-referrals
  • Long-time improvement in wellness
  • Flexible package options tailored to your needs and budget. Learn more

Bring healthcare on-site to employees who need it.

We want to hear from you! Contact us if you have more questions about what Avance Care can offer your employees. Simply call (984) 344-9390 or complete our contact form below to get started.

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